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On Communication

In the world of scientific quality management, the “theory of constraints” and the “lean” philosophy have become major discussion points. One major component of success in achieving efficiency related to these points is human interaction.

On Leadership Development

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project will be discussing the concept of leadership development in a world of “get mine first.” Subjects covered will include how do you break down the walls created by athletes who are just interested in getting theirs and how to be a great follower that can develop into a great leader.

North Country Adventures

Test your leadership skills by exploring Minnesota and Wisconsin North Country. This 7 day back country backpacking adventure is designed for individuals, families, and classmates. You will navigate the challenges of the trail, as well as, field based learning projects around leadership and communication concepts that can be applied to every aspect of life.

Mastery of Self

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project will cover the weekly news and Erwan Le Corre of MovNat will join us to discuss the world of physical education and fitness. The concept of mastery of self and your surroundings will create the foundation of the show and provide a platform for a great discussion on the world of human development.