Expedition Race Across the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Exploring the outdoors and race the clock to complete tasks. The McCarthy Project will customize a trip to meet your expectations. This 1, 3, or 7 day back country backpacking adventure is designed to challenge each persons ability to feel the adrenaline rush of competition while working with others. You will navigate the challenges of the trail, as well as, field-based experiences. You will have a chance to see the outdoors and enhance your understanding of yourself and others. This expedition will challenge your understanding of leadership, the role of communicating, conflict resolution, the influence of risk, and strategic planning.

Potential Attractions

Tettegouche State Park began as a logging area that ended up becoming a State Park. Because of this park’s history of logging, there are many different kinds of vegetation to see. From tall cedar, birch, and various other trees, to moss and lichen that had grown due to the logging and burning of the area, there is a wide variety of vegetation. In addition, Tettegouche State Park offers amazing views of multiple waterfalls throughout the park. You will be able to fish in the Baptism River, which flows within the park out to Lake Superior.

Interstate State Park is a geological wonderland of potholes/kettles, these massive glacier rock formations came about from thousands of years of glacial ice and rock pushing through the landscape drilling polished holes into the bedrock. While at Interstate, you will have a opportunity to learn about top rope rock climbing, with some of the climbs reaching upwards to 80 feet.

Details for Expedition Races

Dates: To be determined
Duration: 1, 3 or 7 days
Location: To be determined, mostly North America
Activity: Backpacking, Climbing, Walking, Trekking, Canoeing, skills to match skill and fitness level of participants
Gear: To be determined
Cost: To be determined
Deposit: To be determined
Additional information:
Overall map of course, equipment needed by participant, travel and logistics during trip. See Trip Itinerary