Gestalt Theory Defined

… It supports scientific research and applied practice from which the human being has not been removed. Well-known authors publish in Gestalt Theory – authors who come from a diverse range of disciplines and who understand the human being and its environment as something that is more than and different from the sum of its parts. The holistic concept is not erroneously used as a pretentious buzzword that denotes simply alleged, but misunderstood, interrelations, but instead holism is seen as a challenge to do thorough research. Gestalt Theory goes against the trend towards more and more specialization and dissection that would lead only to an incoherent knowledge of every nut, bolt and screw, by offering a multi-disciplinary and critical synoptic approach. The journal publishes articles in German or English that present a holistic system-theoretical, phenomenological or experimental analysis in areas like general psychology, psychotherapy, pedagogy, philosophy, sociology, economics, art, musicology, speech science and the physical sciences.

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