Are You a Good Leader Or A Wise Leader?

The following is an excerpt from the paper, “Leadership, Group Dynamics & Personality: Exploring the concept of team leadership with PCM”

A good leader knows what to do. A wise leader knows how to do it.
The importance of leaders adapting their communication and actions to the largest possible number of perceptual frames of reference cannot be denied. Leadership is mostly behavioral and behaviors are the key to influence. Establishing trust and getting people to cooperate requires the leader to behave in different ways that fit with changing circumstances according to the stages of group development and the variety of personalities in their team, as well as the changing nature of the environment. PCM offers both a description of the behaviors and measurement of each of the personality type floors, so that leaders can gain insights and have a psychometric inventory to assess the amount of energy available to us for each of them. For the complete publication, click Leadership Group Dynamics.