Mastery of Self and Your Surroundings

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project will cover the weekly news and Erwan Le Corre of MovNat will join us to discuss the world of physical education, human development and freedom of thought. The concept of mastery of self and your surroundings will create the foundation of the show and provide a platform for a great discussion on the world of human development.

To listen to the show.

1.  Erwan’s Story and Philosophy

2.  Thoughts on freedom from the existing reality of self and the mastery of self.

Erwan started MovNat to open the world thought on the freedom that can be created through human movement. And to provide a unique approach to the development of efficient movement. He has traveled the world researching and developing his philosophy of physical, mental and spiritual development.

McCarthy On Communication

In the world of scientific quality management, the “theory of constraints” and the “lean” philosophy have become major discussion points. One major component of success in achieving efficiency related to these points is human interaction. We must continue to develop models of efficiency to remain competitive to be sure, on the other hand, we must maintain our focus on the ability to work and communicate as human beings. Only then, can an organization truly meet its goals.

Stephen McCarthy, Director of The McCarthy Project on the role of human interaction, i.e. communication