Trips By Date and Custom Expeditions

Improve your leadership skills by exploring  the outdoors.  Our back country adventures could be your ticket to disconnect to reconnect.  You will navigate the challenges of the trail, as well as, field based learning projects around leadership and communication concepts that can be directly transferred to life. Furthermore, you will have a chance to see northern Minnesota and enhance your understanding of yourself and others.

Trip: Date: Fees

North Country Executive Leadership Adventure, June 2015 , $2000.00
Midwest Leadership Adventure, August 2015, $1000.00
Boundary Waters Canoe Area with Lodging, July 2015, $1000.00
Boundary Waters Canoe Area with outdoor lodging, July 2015, $900.00
Burle River Fishing and Backpacking, August 2015, $900.00

Specific dates for 2015 tours will be set by January 15th, 2015.

Custom Expeditions For Families, Associations or Corporations:

Custom tours can be designed specifically for families, associations, or corporations who are looking to set their own course.  We realize the different set of expectations for each group and will design the trip to meet those goals and expectations.  Custom tours can be 1 day, 3 day, and 7 day events to meet specific goals and budgets.

Call Stephen at 612-741-0982 for more information.