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The McCarthy Project is a group of individuals who love people and the outdoors. It was created for the purpose of using the outdoors to assist clients on their personal and professional development journey. We believe that there is a way to disconnect to reconnect.  Our tours, presentations, and think tank sessions are designed to challenge, to explore new boundaries, to better understand the questions we all have, to answer some and leave others for further discussion, while enjoying the moment.

In a more formal sense, we are outdoor guides that organize trips on a regional and national basis. They are geared toward professional and alumni associations.


Stephen McCarthy

About Stephen McCarthy:
For the last 20 years, Stephen has been on a mission of researching and understanding elite performance. The journey has taken him through many entrepreneurial adventures. He has owned a small business network consulting firm, a specialty sporting goods retailer, and a consulting firm for athletes. He has also read and researched hundreds of authors and experts for the purpose of attaining the best results within the confines of the resources available.

The human component of life has always fascinated Stephen, as well as, the question “Why?” This backdrop is the motivating factor for the creation of The McCarthy Project.

McCarthy was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. He holds a bachelors degree from St. Cloud State University, and is currently enrolled in Hawthorn University’s masters degree program. Stephen is a devoted husband to his wife Dede and has 3 children in high school. He enjoys the outdoors and talking philosophy. Favorite philosophers include: Jean Jacques Rousseau, Frederic Bastiat, and Sun Tzu.

About Jason Colvin:
Jason Colvin is the Lead Developer and Director of Programs at The McCarthy Project and a cutting edge facilitator of challenge course practices. For more than eight years, his focus on understanding the psychological needs of individual how to bring them to the learning edge. From here, they have the ability to comfortably stretch the barriers, in order to reach their goals. Jason work has focused on the empowerment of leaders to understand all aspects of communication and management, not just certain components. He work has included major corporations, individuals, and small groups. Jason is a certified PCM trainer for individuals, corporations, and educators. He has a bachelors degree in fine arts and spent two years as a studio artist. Colvin is married and has a son.

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